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Few years ago we had a chick who hated me because I was scheduled floor shifts while she got stuck on a register. She actually would throw full on hissy fits about it. I had been there three years at this point, her five months? She eventually got fired for screaming at a customer while on the register. No one was sad to see her go. I don't think she even lasted a full year.


I just YouTubed We Came As Romans, as I'd never heard of them. A little too core for my taste, but hardly something to give the side-eye over. I wonder what Bitchy McJudgment would think of my current Rotting Christ addiction.

Late Night Geek

I've had one coworker hate me because I would not ditch class for him. By the time I quit, the feeling was mutual. Management changed and he could do no wrong. He often missed work and was constantly on something.

Lime acts like I'm her BBF half the time I work with her even though I ignore her. She loathes that I will NEVER allow her unrestricted and unsupervised access to my work bag.


I had a coworker hate me because I wouldn't let her bully/berate me. She was an older woman who honestly had some problems which isn't her fault. But she would snap at people (including managers and customers). One day she was calling for a carry out on the wrong radio and so no one was responding. She starts huffing and puffing so I tell her she's on the wrong radio. She snaps and glares at me: "Are you saying that they really won't come up here cuz of the radio I'm using?!" I was tired of her shit so in the voice you would use to scold a toddler I replied with"Yes because you are asking people outside to carry out birdseed. You were trained as to which radio is for which department for a while now." Then I called for her on the right radio and after that day she said she hated me, depised working with me and that I was a shitty person. Good times.

The Singing Library Clerk

Back when I cleaned beach restrooms I had a couple of coworkers hate me simply because I was female.


I had one coworker who hated me because I went to college and had a good vocabulary. I mentioned the college like once in a blue moon when it came up, usually talking to college kids as to why college is a waste of money, so it's not like I lorded it over her. And it's not like I was a have vs a have not, because I was still working fast food!

Bicurious Angler Fish

I had a coworker hate me because she hit on my boyfriend and he turned her down.


One co-worker hated me because I was assigned to her "favorite" front desk.
So she could be closer to our trained (former) coast guard medic who was in search and rescue choppers (Bus!) after she had a bad health scare. Also, much closer to the office where the time-sheets are so less walking was involved.
Yes, hate me because we want you to have a better chance at survival if anything happens, as well as less walking too.

Bread Bitch

I just had a fellow cashier get pissed with me because I refused to sympathize with her over the manager giving her a rather gentle reminder that breaks were thirty minutes long, not forty like she'd just taken. Like, I just spent those ten extra minutes slammed. I'm not going to side with you on this one. Sorry not sorry.

Chubby McSteamy

I had a co-worker who didn't like me because my job description did not include doing her job (and I wouldn't fall behind in my tasks to cover her ass).

I had an assistant manager hate me because I knew more about running the store than he did and he felt his job was in jeopardy (he got promoted, I didn't).

I currently have a co-worker who doesn't exactly hate me, but doesn't like the fact that I won't help her sabotage another co-worker's job.

Bored at the Bookstore

Had one who hated me because I tried to help her with the departmental filing backup, as instructed by our mutual boss. "I'm not incompetent!"

And one because I got tired of doing my own job and hers while she smoked with the janitor. Didn't see any reason why I wouldn't.

Nothing exotic, sorry...

Although I did get fired once for not walking my boss to his meetings to keep him from getting lost on the way....


Had a co-worker dislike me because we worked with this cute, awesome guy that my co-worker liked and he requested that he and I take our break together one day so we could go get Mexican together.(the guy and I never dated or even thought about it btw)

My Co-worker? Decided to take revenge on me by getting a creepy friend of hers to stalk me and make my life hell for a month.


Had a manager hate me because I have the evil penis of death. She liked to surround herself with blonde, cute teenage girls. No one was shocked or saddened when the sexual harassment and discrimination suits started coming in and she got fired.


I had a coworker hate me because I always wore flat black shoes. She always wore (office-inappropriate) spiky high heels and she would make snarky comments about my shoes every day. My mother stopped in to go to lunch with me one day, and my coworker said "I knew she was your mother because she was wearing black flats". The co-worker went so far as to offer to buy me lunch if I would wear some other type of shoe. I finally told her that if my shoe style had such a big impact on HER life, it wasn't MY SHOES that needed changing.

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