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"I thought, 'that doesn't sound too exciting so I better get off," Moore said.


I couldn't help but chuckle at how unenthused she sounds.


Several people need to be fired for this. And then beaten. Then publicly tarred and feathered.

Someone Somewhere

What the hell is wrong with people??????


Thank the lucky stars she lived to talk about it. These folks weren't so fortunate:


What is even more maddening is that these cab companies wouldn't even admit liability and that they were just following 'standard protocol'. I guess protocol is a replacement for common sense these days.

Son of Thrognar (formerly NC Tony)

Someone needs to be fired... as in set on fire.

Crazy Cashier

Ok one thing I don't get . I know with ride services you usually have to call ahead. With those bus type ones they (at least the one I use) ask you for when you wanna get picket up from that location when you are setting up the ride. Did she not tell them she wanted a round trip? How was she planning to get home in the first place ?

Trucker Bitch

This poor lady. When we had to get one of my grandfathers to give up his license, he was lucky enough to have my family living nearby so he never had to rely on such a service. I know he would have raised hell if he was in such a situation, mainly because he was that kind of personality.

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