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I agree.
Customers have their side, unless they'd like to start working. I have no problem telling fellow employees (the ones who come back to visit with my co-workers for half an hour or so about the highlights in their hair) and a couple of customers that if they cross the line on the floor, they grab an apron and get to work.

Sales Agent Guy

I think I've only had a customer come behind the registers once or twice in an attempt to look at cameras or memory cards, in which case I've told them they can't be back there. When asked how they can see the items, I told them to pick one out and I'd show it to them.


well if your having a heart attack behind the counter and no one else is around i will stay on my side and let you die because i have 100% no reason to be behind the counter ever

Gamer Girl

Well hokk, unless you have EMS training, then yeah, better you call for help (ambulance would great, followed by mall security so that since I'm stuck working by myself, someone can call the owner and close the store) than jump behind the counter.


That was some weak sauce hokk. Nice attempt at trolling though. Some people have that personal space issue, gamer girl. They can't grasp the concept of "you stay there, and I'll get it for you." Getting closer to me will not get you what you are looking for any faster.


well than let it be arterial bleeding by the time im done calling your dead. seriously not trolling but trying to make a point about talking in absolutes.

Michael Chandra

If we're going to be talking in absolutes, I can't wait for hokk to be arrested and going to jail for criminal negligence.

Gamer Girl

Lol, I forgot the cardinal rule, never speak in absolutes (see what I did there?). Hokk, it's sweet that you believe I have any faith in humanity left. In my experience, the custy would expect me to finish their transaction before collapsing in a bloody pool on the floor so they wouldn't be inconvenienced by me dying. Obviously, you're the rare breed of person who not only stays calm and level-headed in a crisis, but willingly puts the needs of someone else first. I doubt I can say the same for the anime crazed teens, parents with toddlers, or socially inept adults who patronize the store.


I think Hokk should stay on *his* side so he can suck some _ _kk.....

Trucker Bitch


A medical emergency would be the only acceptable reason for a non employee to be behind the counter. For any other reason, the employee/store should assume the non employee is going to rob the cash register. It's simply Cover Your Ass.


@Gamer Girl well i am one of those socially inept adults and when i was a teen i was anime crazed ;-) so it might not be that obvious and might even be wrong though i try to be a lawful good person.

@Trucker Bitch i agree even though i would broaden it to simply emergency and with verbal permission.



No, not even with verbal permission. You know why? Because the slaves standing there often don't have the authority to give that permission, so you risk getting that slave fired. Alternatively, if that slave is also a thief (sadly, such people do exist), you could find yourself being accused of being an accomplice of them or it being you, not them, who's stolen the items/cash that has suddenly gone missing from behind the desk.

Long and short of it, if you're in an employee only area, you are either an employee or are saving someone's life by being there.


How about this "In the scope of normal business and events there is no damn reason for a customer to be in an employee zone."


@hokk It was already pretty apparent you were one of those socially inept adults you don't need to spell it out, we know.

c'est moi

It was more than adequately demonstrated that there are good reasons, having to do with theft and legality and authority, that non-employees should stay in out of employee-only areas for the good of everyone involved, with the exception of life-threatening possibilities.

However, gamer girl's situation sounded like it was much more rooted in this guy's need to prove that he could do whatever he wanted to do, and then get away with it by browbeating her into acquiescence.

It's annoying to see that this post was derailed into pointless discussions of "absolutes" twaddle, when it's a non-trivial concept at heart: you do not have the right to impose yourself into other people's space.

You are not more important than anyone else, and your rights do not trump anyone else's. If you make someone else uncomfortable in the way this customer did, the absolutely (and yes, I really mean absolutely) wrong thing to do is to insist that the other person is answerable to you for how they feel.

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