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My job currently has a policy that even my manager hates. That policy says that we cannot begin closing until every customer is out of the store. No doors shut, no sign in, no counting down or taking out trash until then. We will have people walk in after we FINALLY get the last people out to dink around for 20+ minutes and get pissy when we say fuck it and start cleaning anyway. I feel your pain, and I feel terrible if I walk into a store be for they close and walk out soon after if they are.

Sales Agent Guy

Since I rely on public transportation, and the fact that my last train home is at 10:30 PM, I'm not out late usually. I do my shopping during the day, and if I see that a store is closing soon, I'll either hold off on my purchase, or just zip in, grab it, and zip out if there's enough time (usually 15-20 minutes at most.)

But seriously, customers who do that are the bane of my existence!


That happens to us all the time, the worst part is, we are open until MIDNIGHT. On top of that there is an identical store (same store and everything, exact same name) just 2 blocks down the street open 24/7. Yet people still drag their asses until right at 12 and get pissed off when we don't want to help them and tell them we are closed and they need to check out so we can go home. Most of these people don't realize we have already worked 6-8 hour shifts and need our sleep. They don't give a fuck though.
I have run into a store about 10 minutes before close before but I always know exactly what I'm getting and I apologize profusely and tell them to have a good night but I have never been one of those people that has to be harrased.

Joe the Cigar Guy

We had a family of five come in right at closing. They needed backpacks, boots, long underwear, socks, parkas, a compass and binoculars. They were leaving for their long-planned Alaska vacation THE. NEXT. MORNING.


Here's my solution:

"Good evening shoppers, just so you know, we are closing in ten minutes. Any customer still in the store after our posted closing time will be assessed a surcharge for the overtime we have to pay our employees to stay and service you. This fee will be non-negotiable. Thank you for shopping at $RetailHell."


I'm sorry to say that I'm guilty of going to the grocery store right before it closes fairly frequently. My fiance gets home late so we eat dinner late, and fairly often I'm starting dinner and realize I'm missing an ingredient with ten minutes before the grocery store across the street closes. But I do try to be in and out as quickly as possible. Luckily I'm in there often enough that I know exactly where to find nearly everything!


I have to admit, I don't always check the store hours when I walk in - but then I don't tend to shop after about 8PM except at places that I know are 24/7. Nonetheless, I have walked into a place just before they close. When I learn that they're closing, I generally tell the slave "oops! Sorry. I'll come back tomorrow." and then leave. It's never seemed especially burdensome to me.

Gamer Girl

My husband and I weren't sure of closing hours of a store (it was a holiday) and right as we walked in the "please get your shit and go check out, our workers want to go home" announcement played (side note, it would have been awesome had the announcement actually said that). We both stopped in our tracks, looked at each other and turned to head out. The cashier said, "No, it's alright, you've ten minutes before we close... if you know what you need." My husband just shook his head no and I commented that we weren't going to be those people, the store would be open tomorrow. I think the cashier secretly rejoiced, I know how much I hate it when someone comes in right in those last few minutes.


Release the hounds!


I love the people that come in AFTER we turn off the damn lights and put the sign in the window. The third shift person can NOT let me out until every customer is gone, including those that come up to the night window. It really pisses me off when they go into the bathroom right as I clock out. I loudly complain to the third shifter that I REALLY need to leave, but SOMEBODY is in the bathroom. People piss me off.


Coming from a place that closes for lunch, but has to serve customers if they come in right before then, I feel this pain twice a day. Sweetest customer ever was one who, when she realised it was lunch and we were closed, insisted on coming back after we reopened. It's nice to have ones like that!


"Dear customers! It is 9 pm, we are closed and in 15 minutes we will release the hounds!"

I am guilty of occasionally going in during the last 10-30 minutes - I'm just THAT badly organised. I always get out very fast though.


Haha, an awesome ASM actually announced "Release the hounds!" over the PA system one night and then held the phone to what must've been a video she had set up on the manager's terminal and all we could hear was snarling and slavering and barking. The last three customers got the hell outta Dodge faster than you could say Rottweiler's dinner!

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