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I'd solve the problem real easily. Silica sand in the radiator. Or in the oil.

Sales Agent Guy

You should seriously call the police the next time she shows up. If she's stolen over $400 worth of fuel, then she should be arrested.

Imitation Bacon

I guess you don't have any cameras either that, once you report her and her plate the police, could be used to prove it was her? Or will management not allow you to do that?


Why the F you don't report her to the police makes no sense!!! So...you let her continue to rob you? Dumb.

Assistant Diva

We have it all on camera, and as mentioned, once you submit a drive off report, it is submitted to the Local Police Department and officially considered out of our hands. I totally agree that the policy is stupid. I DO like the silica idea though!


Condominium gas tank. No permanent damage but infinite frustration. Also, no makeup is not a reason to call someone frumpy.


Stupid auto correct-condom in, not condominium

Kiliana Nightwolf

You shouldn't have turned your back on her; should have gone in the store behind her.


I hope she never fucking comes back again. I can't believe the cops aren't doing anything - especially if you have security footage. Hell I caught someone illegally dumping at my work, I called the police with their license plate number. They showed up at the persons door and fined them $300 for it. I wouldn't have called the cops on him if the guy hadn't been an asshole.

I walked up and said "are you illegally dumping garbage in my bins?" and he responded, while throwing yet another bag of garbage into it "yeah, but it kind of has to happen". I took a picture of his plates with my phone (which I had taken out and turned to the camera before I confronted him) and then walked across the parking lot and into a large store.

They slowly circled around the parking lot to see where I would go - they didn't see where I came from. I was on my way over to the store I entered, so I'm guessing they assumed I worked there and the bin was close enough to be their own.

Assistant Diva

@Kat -- Condom in gas tank is also a fine suggestion! Also, the no makeup thing isn't exactly what was meant there. This is in general lack of general care in appearance. Unwashed hair, wrinkled clothes, etc.

@Kiliana -- Yep. That was pretty much my first thought as it happened.

@gamestoregirl -- Served him right!I am assuming the police stopped ignoring her and that is why she hasn't been back in a while.

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