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Trucker Bitch

While not at all this type of cheese, McD's in Canada has started selling their fries as poutine (fries covered in cheese curds and gravy for those who might not know what poutine is).

My dad tried them and says they are horrible poutine.


It's no different than the crap that goes onto "nachos". People eat that crap all the time, it's just packaged differently.

Marsh Creature

Maybe if they gave a decent amount of cheese. Not that sprinkling.


I'd eat Mickey D's cheese fries, but that's a paltry amount of cheese. I worked at a well-known amusement park chain (hint: the company name alludes to Texas history even though only two of the parks are actually in Texas), and when a custy asked for cheese fries, we would make those damn fries SWIM. Yeah yeah, AMERICA, but seriously, if you're gonna offer cheese fries, REALLY mean it!

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