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Finder Queen

You must work for Hellmart? That's where I worked jewelry and that was the policy. However our managers allowed us to loan the tools to people for watches we didn't carry and verbally let them know how to use the tools, never had issues doing that. Though one lady shoved the screwdriver completely UNDER her watch face and broke the hands off after I pointed exactly where she needed to put the screwdriver. She wanted compensation of course so they reviewed the tape and told her they wouldn't because she was holding the tools and didn't do it as I pointed out and told her to do it. She was mad but when it's by their own hand store isn't liable to repair or replace things a customer breaks themselves.

I honestly loved the policy since most of my other tasks would get interrupted or even unable to be done. In one day we had ONE worker replace 80 batteries... that is over 2 hours of time that could have gotten used for new stock or rearranging current merchandise into clearance area.

though I will say I'm not keen on the security at most of the Hellmart jewelry departments. Last year during the superbowl I had a guy steal a $500 ring off my fingers when I was showing him the item he asked about... yeah that wasn't fun

Fellow Slave

Souls has the same policy too. Drives the jewelry peeps there nuts too.

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