Retail Hell Underground: Ralph Lauren's Niece Jenny Lauren Pleads Guilty To Air Rage Against a Delta Airlines Flight Crew

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Life would be so much more peaceful on airplanes if the crew could just eject a few of these people mid-flight. No one would fight on planes ever again for fear of being ejected. Or being one of those horror stories where the crew, completely frazzled by the bad behavior, "forgot" to give them a parachute.


I am not so sure her friend is well versed in eating disorders. There isn't an age limit and one can always fall back into one.


you know, I don't excuse her actions, because she clearly abused those flight attendants and deserves to pay up for it, but this sounds like a case of self-medication gone wrong. hopefully she gets her plane anxiety and any other issues under control for her own sake, as well as everyone around her.

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