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Devil's Advocate

Why is this an acceptable response? Why couldn't the dad just say "Yep, how can I help you?" I really don't think it's that big of deal. Instead maybe just being nice could have brightened the day the customer was having or maybe the customer was just having an off moment or frankly maybe the customer just didn't know how to start the conversation.

Someone Somewhere

Your dad is kind of a buttmunch. No reason to go off on a customer for asking that question. I wouldn't have gone back either.

Trucker Bitch

When it's THAT obvious the person works there, WHY would a customer even ask the question?


He's under the car. The question answers itself.

The crusty was a moron and your dad is hilarious.

Devil's Advocate

I'm just saying, it doesn't harm him for the customer to have asked. The dad just sounds grumpy to me. This site talks about rude customers, but to me this is an instance of a rude employee.

@somewhere--agreed, I wouldn't go back either.


LOL! I don't think there's anything wrong with that response. Getting the "Do you work here?" question a million times a day is annoying enough, but while you're actually under a car is just sad. Case of stupid customer and funny employee! :)


I think this whole thing could've been perfectly done based on delivery. If he said it in a "haha" kind of tone it would've been funny and the customer may have had a "blush in stupid embarrassment" moment. If he said it angrily it just makes everything worse.

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