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I don't have a smart phone and I don't want one. I take my Ipod to work so I don't have to listen to crappy store music or bothersome coworkers.


Depends on the situation. I have an iPhone, but I don't really care to take my phone (even clad in an Otterbox) running with me. It's bulky and not terribly convenient to switch music. I have an iPod Shuffle that's light and holds more than enough music to last me through a long run and/or gym workout.


I got an iPhone late last year and pretty much permanently plugged my iPod touch into my alarm clock. Its only job now is to blast the Power Rangers theme at me in the morning. Its battery was probably on its last legs anyway.

I actually do take my iPhone running with me, particularly since I like to use Zombies, RUN!!! Haven't had any issues with my armband sports case so far. And it's a 5c so I can probably replace it if I have to.


I've got an iPod touch (actually, my husband's). We use it for our alarm clock in the morning, and he takes it to work with him, because he can't use a phone at work, but the ipod's fine.


I use my ipod touch all the time. It has twice as much storage as my phone, a better music UI, and I don't have to waste my phone's battery using it.


Never had one, hopefully never will. I've got a Walkman, and I love it. This poor thing has been dropped, inadvertently flung, and sat on multiple times and still works perfectly.


I was a Zune man myself. Never bought an iPod, will never buy an iPhone.

Trucker Bitch

I have two ipod Classics. One I use at home and one that I have in the truck so I can listen to music or audio books while I'm driving. Should my Truck ipod ever crap out on me, I can still use the one from home. Should both ever crap out, I will have to replace them.


Let's see. I've owned a Mini (died of being dropped a bit too much - after three years), a classic (gave to my sister), a 2nd generation Nano (sent to a friend when I upgraded), a 4th generation Nano (again, sent to a friend when I upgraded). And now I own an iPod Touch, which I play games on more than I listen to music, but whatev.

I also have a smartphone. Hate that damn thing.

Gamer Girl

I still use mine. It's the 120gb and I currently have 17,331 songs on it. (Alas, that's not all the music I own - it includes iTunes downloads, ripped cd's from those 10 cd's for a buck clubs, and downloads from the glory days of Napster, basically I own a fuckton of music.) My store play list alone has 450 songs, I can stick it on shuffle and not hear the same thing for days running. Plus, it keeps my phone free and available.

Book Diver

I have an iPod nano and an old, old cell phone. I love the iPod for taking walks, listening to tunes before starting work, or travel on an airplane.


I can only fit about 5 podcasts and 20 songs on my iPhone 4, and using to listen to music sucks the battery dry in no time. So yeah, I still use my 5th gen iPod-- I have the purple one like the one pictured above. It's nice and slim, fits in my bra if I don't have a pocket (don't judge me), and I can use it in places that don't allow cell phones, such as my place of employment.


I still have my 4th Gen Nano. Love that lil' thing!


Still have a 2nd gen nano -- the battery is fairly good (it lasts a full day of usage for me ~3 hours travel), and still has at least 60% battery left usually. It works perfectly -- except for one thing:

It won't connect to my computer anymore.
Luckily, I don't care about that, because while my entire music library is probably about 60GB, (of which probably half is Final Fantasy music I haven't even had a chance to browse through), I only have maybe 1.5GB in iTunes -- and my nano is 2GB.

So yeah, I still use it.


i still use a screenless little ipod shuffle, one of the ones with the clip. i alternate between it and a walkman every few years, depending on if i want sound quality or quantity (my shuffle's only got just under a gig of space on it, so i have to compress everything)

used to have an older classic with a black and white screen and a touch wheel back in high school, but it fell to the usual ipod issues (battery, data corruption, pc wire issues)


I had a third gen nano until I needed more space for more music and now use what I believe is either fourth or fifth gen. The battery isn't as good as the third gens but it has served me faithfully for over three years.
I am almost always listening to music so it's fantastic for me, but I don't buy a new one unless I need more storage so that won't be as often as they would like I imagine.
Personally I would consider buying a new one if they hadn't made the nanos touchscreens. I don't want a touchscreen music player.

Other note; maybe sales will get so bad they'll start selling them for actually sane prices for a music player.

(no name)

I just got one. The iPod 5s touch. I love it! I only have a few songs so far, and a few games. Use it mainly for email, FB, games when not at home. Need to get speakers for it to use in our vehicle (no radio/speakers in van) I will never buy an iphone. Don't need it or the cost. My cheap ass virgin mobile is plenty for how little I call.


I still use my iPod I bought about...12 years ago. A Shuffle. Fits perfectly in my pocket and keeps me from getting car sick.


Sandisk make better, cheaper and nicer MP3 players then Apple ever did. For the price of a 2GB Ipod Shuffle you can get a 4GB Sandisk Clip+ that comes with a screen (and can use RockBox, wonderful firmware that improves it as an MP3 so you can play nearly anything from flac to C64 .sid files) and for an extra $25 you can get a 32GB card, and get the 8GB model instead and have 40GB of music files and battery life is generally a few hours longer then the shuffle.


I do have a little iPod Shuffle that I got as a bonus from my boss one year--it works well and replaces my poor old Sandisk that lasted for years before starting to glitch too much to be used frequently. I don't have a smartphone (can't afford it), so it's iPod or iNothing right now.

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