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They do at least acknowledge that it's just because he ate like crap before and then started exercising and watching his food intake, not that McDonald's is okay.

Of course, the major issue is at the end-- choice. Which he has, but the average person who eats McDonald's multiple meals a day does not. Aka, the very poor, who go eat off the dollar menus at fast food places because it's the cheapest filling option when two pears or a pound of brocolli cost the same as a hamburger. I want to see someone do this with a strict budget of $6/day and no exercise.


This report doesn't take into account that in Morgan's original experiment:

1. Morgan didn't start an exercise plan. He actually reduced his walking to be more in line with the average American.

2. McDonald's didn't have a lot of the marginally more healthy options they have now when Morgan did his documentary. In fact, Super Size Me was one of the driving factors in their decision to add those options.

3. Morgan had to try every item on the menu at least once. This science teacher didn't have such a restriction, at least not that he mentioned. And he didn't have to super-size when asked, as that is no longer an option.

I hate this kind of reporting. People are going to watch this and think, "Oh, Super Size Me was a bunch of baloney." Admittedly, both experiments had their flaws, and we can't draw any huge groundbreaking conclusions from either of them. McDonald's (or any fast food chain for that matter) isn't necessarily a good thing, but it's not exactly the root of all obesity evil either (much as it pains me to admit it). The second study doesn't disprove the first, it only adds more data, which is important if we're ever going to make a healthy lifestyle more accessible to more people. Most people watching this report aren't going to understand that.


The problem with Supersize Me is that his results can't be duplicated. Morgan allegedly took in about 5000 calories a day, and even with the old calorie counts, that was a difficult number to reach.

That documentary had an agenda, so let's keep that in account. This latest experiment shows that as unhealthy as fast food is, with other factors like exercise and portion control, the damage is mitigated somewhat. That said, I doubt this teacher will end up being like Subway's Jared.


This experiment is basically identical to the one done in the documentary FatHead (saw it on Netflix a while ago).

By controlling the portions, the nutritional intake, and exercising you can achieve desirable results. It's a numbers game, mostly; calories in vs calories out.


Yeah, a similar experiment was done by Tom Naughton in his movie Fat Head. Good movie if you haven't seen it.

The things that Spurlock, Naughton, and this guy have in common is there was control. Naughton and this guy only controlled their in take, and so did Spurlock, though he won't admit to it, because because he did so in order to assure that he gained weight.

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