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womens retail slave

if you paid with credit card bullseye will look it up for you. but same thing. however with that said i do think they should have atleast even exchanged it..


People can make fun of me for having a $2k handbag all they want, but that thing will last my entire life. With a few exceptions, you really do get what you pay for.

Sachimi Sushi

Becky, I'd make fun of you too for that. You can get a very well-made, beautiful handbag that will last you many years for $300~400. No need to spend $2k on one. At that price, you're paying for the name, not the quality.


I make fun of all of you for having a purse. I get along just fine without one.
All I need is my wallet and phone. Should I need anything else I plan ahead for it. I don't even know what I would put in a purse.
Make up? I don't wear any.
Tampons and pads? Got a stash in my car and in the house.
Pens and pencils? Car/house
Um.... I'm really at a loss of what I would use a purse for honestly. Maybe I should Google it.. :P


I don't carry a purse because I find it too much of a pain. I walk almost everywhere. If I need a bag I use a backpack. I bought one for $40 seven years ago. It's still in decent enough shape to throw my stuff in.


Buy another one of the same bag. Use new receipt to return the old bag.

Purple Sock

I love my purse so much. It's designer and has lasted forever, but I got it at a thrift store for $4. I walk everywhere so I can't just stash everything in my car, so Anon, here is what I keep in my purse:

Wallet, phone, keys, book (Slaughterhouse Five right now), pens, notebook, tampons, mini deodorant, hair ties, safety pins, wet wipes, tissues, pocket knife, chapstick, gum, concealer, bottle opener, ibuprofin, and a little wooden top.

Devil's Advocate

2K for a purse? Where I live that more then my mortgage payment. How ridiculous. Yes your purse has "lasted". that is until someone spills something on it or a pen leaks inside of it or any other of they myriad of things that may happen. I'm not making fun of you, I would just say you have no financial sense.

Also, I should point out, my husband backpacked Europe for three weeks and only spent about six grand total. So the cost of your purse=2/3 the price of a one in a lifetime trip.

Bored at the Bookstore

Just to get off the "$2K purse or not" part and back to the "$15 purse" part, yes, I would try to track down the manufacturer and register a complaint. Maybe they'd replace it, you never know... Especially nowadays when you can do it on the 'net and not even have to pay for a stamp. *g*

Oh, and what do I carry in my purse? Wallet. Medications, including asthma inhalers. Tissues. Book. Maybe a lipstick. Comb. Pen. Keys. Phone, if I'm wearing pocketless clothing. Wrist braces. Other handicap tools as necessary. And, of course, right now I use a cane and/or a walker, too.

And that's a lot less than when the kids were little, and there'd be diapers, bottles, wipes, container of Cheerios, toys, pacifier, etc.


What I carry in my most minimal date bag is phone (which now incorporates book and music), wallet, key, packable shopping bag, bottle of water, and a small pouch with Tylenol 3, dental picks and nail clippers. I don't drive and a lot of women's clothing doesn't come with pockets, so I fail to see how I'm supposed to cart all this necessary crap around without a purse.

And a $2,000 bag? Still worth it when it goes out of style?


Wallet (or at the very least my credit/debit card), phone, keys, Kleenex, moisturiser (I have seriously dry atopic skin), emergency over-the-counter medication, hairbrush or comb, sanitary pad or pads, pen. Often a notebook, maybe a letter I'm writing, possibly iPad. I guess most of my "purses" should really be called bags, though: messenger bag, backpack etc. They're a mixed lot, not the ultra-cheap plastic-looking kind that seems so popular these days, but none of them particularly expensive either. If I ever bought a really expensive one I'd rather have something of quality rather than fashionable (I don't much like the current fashion anyway).


Btw - I don't drive, either.


You can see a huge class difference between those who see the value of an expensive purse, and those who don't.


Yeah, actual high class people don't see the value of more than a couple hundred tops. Only new-money types who are trying to impress shell out for a 2K purse, and only they and lower-class people value a purse that expensive.

Trucker Bitch

I carry many things in my purse (Wallet with cards and Canadian money, Wallet with American money, Canadian phone, American phone, keys, eReader, asprin in case of headache, and various bits of paper)

About the only thing I require for my purse is that it has a strap long enough to carry it across from one shoulder and hang comfortable at the opposite hip.


Who cares if she spent 2k on a purse? I wouldn't because I crochet all of mine. It's her damn money and some of these comments are getting rude.


Thanks everyone who commented on what they carry in their purse :3
I guess it is handy but, I still don't see myself getting one.
I used one once when I went on vacation and I was afraid it would be ripped off my arm like you see in the movies. So I ended up stuffing it in the trunk of my car and carrying my wallet and phone in my pockets.

Anyway. Thanks again :3

Sachimi Sushi

I carry around a wallet, coinpurse, phone, a mint tin with various medication in it ( allergy meds, pain meds, etc ), chapstick, a pen or two, keys, tissue, and sometimes lotion, tablet, book. I don't have a lot in my purse, but it's much easier to use a purse than to have things spread out in my pockets, and sometimes I just don't have pockets in the first place.

There's nothing -wrong- with buying a $2k handbag, it's just not financially smart for the average person. I was pointing out that if you pay that much, you're paying for the brand, not quality. The best point for a good-quality handbag that will last you many years is about $150~$250. I would absolutely pay $300~$400 for a Coach bag though, because they are great quality and are a very classic kind of style that won't become dated for a long time ( though, I could get one for much less at a Coach Outlet ).

@anon - It's just as easy for them to pull things out of your pockets as to pull your purse off your shoulder, or even easier. You may not notice if something doesn't get pulled out of a pocket, but you will right away if your purse is yanked off your shoulder. Blatant stealing like that doesn't happen as much as you see in the movies, btw. It's safe enough to just go about as you do normally, just keep an eye on it a little more vigilantly if you have more money and a passport with you.

@Brian, you should be absolutely ashamed of that comment. That's awful. From what I can see, we're against ripping off companies and against making more work and headaches for retail employees, and you're advocating those things? How dare you.

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