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Is it always bad to ask for a refund if you don't have a receipt, or just if you're a jerk about it? I know sometimes places will give you a refund even if it's against policy. I still wouldn't try to trick anyone about it though. No matter how expensive the item, it certainly isn't worth getting someone fired.


@Jac no, not always. It depends on the store's policy and whether they throw a temper tantrum. Most of the stories we share involve people either demanding that policy be broken, or someone will demand cash when there's no proof that they paid cash to begin with (causing the store to possibly lose money). Most of the frustration stems from the fact that people act so entitled, like a spoiled brat of a child when they want their way.

Son of Thrognar (formerly NC Tony)

Then there are the "renters". People that buy clothes (say an expensive dress for example) wear it once and then return it. Unfortunately, most places (like my job) have a "no questions asked" return policy, customers know this and take advantage of it.

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