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"The face of every business is its employees," Simmons said.

Do you really want that face to show up with something contagious? I'm fairly sure that will put off some customers.

I always enjoy the way these arguments are posited by people who never have to worry about taking time off if they feel out of sorts.


"Countless businesses are already operating on extremely tight budgets and cannot afford to add to their payroll by paying double wages," she said. "This is a zero sum game."

Or translated, "The number of zeroes in the CEO's bonus check will be a smaller sum if employees are given sick leave."


I work at Hoes Lome Improvement, and as a part time employee of the last TWO YEARS I don't get sick time, oh and you get written up if you're sick more than five days a year, when you have kids that get sick they get you sick oh and if you get written up three times in a year and you call out again you end up fired.


My problem, especially in the food industry, is they "require" you to NOT come into work if you are sick. (YEAH RIGHT I may feel sick BUT I CAN NOT afford to loose those 8 or more hours of work ie. my paycheck suffers). I have worked sick more times than I care to remember OR count. Yeah right people really like to have a side of cold or flu with their Big Mac or pizza BUT as I have NO option of sick time I work sick.

WELL if I had the option I would call in sick sometimes.


Surely this is a joke? Do workers in the USA not get guaranteed paid sick leave??

Wow. We get a minimum 5 days a year in New Zealand, and I thought that was peanuts... didn't realise we were well off!


This makes me so glad we have a fair point system for call ins. If you leave work sick, it's half a point. Any days missed are a full point. If you are out sick for multiple days at a time, you will only get one point if you bring in a doctor's note. The system goes up to five points, so unless you are constantly ill, or are calling in a lot just because you can, you won't lose your job. It would be even better if you could get paid at least for your fringe hours (average hours that you work per day) with a doctor's note.


Oops. Totally meant to say our system goes to TWELVE points, not five.

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