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Have told this story a few times, but is relevant again... I worked behind the counter at a convenience store (for a small local chain that's now out of business, Presto) decades ago. I do tech support for a living now, and have done for 17 years.

Apparently you're right. I'm 6'3, 300# with a huge bushy beard, wearing a orange striped black shirt with a huge snarling tiger face covering the entire front, and black jeans. The only blue on there at all was the tiger's eyes. I'm standing in a Hellmart, looking at something, and a little old lady comes up and asks if I know where the Foo is.

Being the naturally helpful type I am, I help her find whatever it was she was looking for and even get it down off a higher shelf for her. I'm not sure whether she thought I worked there or she just couldn't find any of the local slaves or what...


Last month, I was shopping at the toy store with the giraffe mascot...I was wearing navy blue scrubs( work in animal hospital)at the time. I was in the science aisle looking at the microscopes when I hear in the distance "'ma'am, do you work here?" Then again, louder this time"ma'am, do you work here?" I look at him and realize the he is speaking to me... again "do you work here?" I look down at my uniform then back at him and shake my head "no".
Him: "You don't work here?"
Ms: Shaking head:"No"
Him:"Oh. okay"
A week or two before that, I was wearing that same scrub uniform in a grocery store, pushing a cart full of food and a guy asks me where he can find the pudding...
IDK, navy blue is a power color.

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