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Troubled Techie

I understand this. This can be the downfall of Tech Support. I think it's even worse for the people who don't even want to admit that they know nothing. Some of my best....

"But I already have an Anti-Virus!! It's ~clearly a virus~ program!"

"I just bought it. It just doesn't work right." - It was a windows Vista machine.

and my personal favorite "It can't be a virus. Mac's dont get viruses."

Being a PC repair tech and knowing ANYTHING means that we are going to be called stupid, retarded, losers, nerds, and every other name in the book. All for the low-paying glory of fixing a machine for that evil custy that will be back in again next month, probably screaming that it's our fault.

Hang in there. It wont' get worse. Won't get better either, but it doesn't get worse.


Well, it can get a little better. I work IT and tech support for a healthcare company. Our department is specifically an internal department, meaning we work with our company's employees not with our customers. The advantage is that we're not just a voice on the phone. They know who we are and most of them know us by sight and by name, so they tend not to get rude. Occasionally one of our customers manages to get through to us, and if we feel like it we'll help them with whatever problem they have. If we don't feel like it or they get abusive, we can legitimately turn them over to the customer service people and go back to writing code or whatever.

There are better tech jobs out there.


Odds are it's not a virus.

Adware is not (normally) a virus.
Ransomware "anti-virus" software are not viruses.
Porn sites (which, for the record, there's nothing shameful about) are generally now safe - its the banner ads for weight loss, hair gain and gossip sites, and the "do you want to download X with that" programs that are the primary sources of malware these days.

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