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A toy grenade!? Maybe I'm out of touch with how kids play these days (and I'm not that old, but I'm about to sound like a grandma), but how much fun can you have with a toy grenade? Pull the fake pin, throw it, and then what? Not to mention the fake pin will get lost and then "found" by the vacuum cleaner, mark my words. Let the kid use his/her imagination and throw pine cones. They're cheaper, and most parents have moral qualms about toy weapons anyway. Why would you buy a kid a fake grenade?

The Singing Library Clerk

Most of those fake grenades hold water balloons, Hell. So when you throw them they get your friends all wet.


The Store Where Everything Is Actually A Buck sells toy grenades that tick when you push the pin. I haven't worked there since 2012 but I swear I can still hear that ticking in my nightmares.

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