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Fellow Slave

And you were probably thinking, God I'll see her next week and she'll have forgotten everything....


Pfft. Next week she'll be back trying it again. All because somebody once somewhere fell at her feet because they drank too much Korporate Kool-Aid.


It's funny....the old "The customer is always right" slogan was born at a time in American retail history when companies had to *fight* for customers...when customers were relatively few and far between and most people had no discretionary income. Stores *had* to give them what they want in order to get their business! Now, fast forward to today...population is 10x what it used to be! Customers are a dime a dozen! Piss one off...SO WHAT! Get rid of them: they are too picky and will cost you more money then they are worth! Look at phone company's who are dumping customers who call Tech Support too much and play too many games demanding free this and free that! Once they confirm it's cheaper to get rid of them then keep them THEY ARE GONE! And GOOD RIDDANCE! Nowadays...the customers are usually WRONG and too DEMANDING and too SHADY! Plenty of customers to replace the few who aren't worth keeping around....the paradigm is shifting folks...Just get the money and boot 'em out the damn door!

Bitch Boy

"Sorry ma'am, but I only attempt to retain GOOD customers. You are not one. You are attempting to bypass the system to get a better 'deal' rather than obeying the rules. Then you throw a temper tantrum when you are told 'no'. So no, you are not a GOOD customer."


"I'll never shop here again!" "Could you? That'd be great."

FunTimez; back in the halcyon days you're talking about, the default personality for a customer wasn't 'douche'. Much like the reciprocal of two week notice for leaving a job, employers used to give two week's pay in lieu of notice. Now, not so much.

A website I used to read, Lileks.com, had a collection of old post cards. One of them showed a dozen or so baby carriages, with babies, parked outside a store while the mothers shopped, and the assumption of the card (from the text) was that this was perfectly normal, and a sign of a popular store. Now, of course, people would be shrieking like the babies were all on a conveyor belt to be fed to a crocodile or something... Saw a news story about a couple of northern Europeans (One of the Scandinavian countries, but it was a long time ago and I don't remember which now) doing that and being arrested, when it would be normal in their country.

NC Tony

"I'll never shop here again!"

"And yet the world will go on turning."
"Oh no! Now I'll never be able to afford a second home/a new [expensive car of your choice]/a new yacht/my own island/[piece of expensive jewelry] for my trophy wife..." you get the idea.
"Really? Because this business makes thousands of dollars a day, millions of dollars a month and billions a year. Losing one customer in one store will not affect our bottom line. So please, don't come back, there are plenty of other people that will, we will continue to make a profit, and we'll all be much happier if you never come back."

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