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Sachimi Sushi

Interesting concept, but every time I came across a picture, I could only think, "wow, what a mess." OCD sucks.


I don't have ocd but it does look like a cluttered mess, and the low hanging plants are probably annoying to walk under- bugs/dust, ewwwwwwww.


Too. Much. Clutter! I could never work in such a hodge-podge environment...I wouldn't be able to think straight.


company culture plays a HUGE role in employee retention. zappo's is just making sure they offload the "one job is better than nothing" group by offering them an easy out, and giving them a little cushion while they look for something else.

$1k is nothing, when compared to how much health insurance or other benefits cost for a single full-time employee who only stays for 6-12mo.

which is why some fish float and some swim when they work for giant names like google, apple, intel, etc. the culture at apple is known to be ultra-secret and ruthlessly competitive. some people THRIVE there! i would want to claw my own eyes out. intel routinely does massive layoffs during downturns, as opposed to the company that i work for that pairs small paycuts (in lieu of layoffs) with a merit or time-based bonus for sticking it out. (ex: 10% paycut, rsu grant at time of cut - vesting when we reach $X run-rate or X# days of inventory)

some employees jump ship when there's a paycut. and headhunters know some people are fightin' for the dollar, and that shark will quickly find a place at an intel-like company.

but, with an non-commissioned sales force and employees who 'are the job', there's a solidarity that comes with sticking it out *together* and knowing there's light (and a bonus payout) at the end of the tunnel.

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