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It also is not fair to other customers. I have never understood why a company would favor a rude customer over a good customer.

I was at the gas station when a very abrasive woman was cursing at the staff and threatening other customers with violence. The employees at this store are not allowed to confront customers for ANY reason.

I left and called corporate. I told them as long and they value the dollar more than my safety that I will no longer shop there.

Daniel Danielson

Agree with Ilia and Orderslave completely. Unfortunately, I live in Tucson and the police are worse than useless here. Last week, my son, who works in a clothing store, called the police to report property destruction. When the police thing found out he didn't have the video of the incident on a disk or a usb drive (still only on the hard drive), he just walked out without saying a word. Here we also have a lot of brave individuals who will only target women like that guy who chewed out that girl at Chickfilet. Sometimes the worker's only defense is a good manager.

SpookShow Baby

A Jhonen Vasquez fan! Whooo! I should change my user name to Squee.

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