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"ugh"? Really? What's so gross about a woman wanting to have a pleasurable solo sexual experience? I'm sure you masturbate too.


I'd guess that the "ugh" was related to having to ask someone what it was, and being filled in on details by a female coworker. Not so much the vibrator itself. Aside from the creey factor of finding a *used* vibrator, anway.


Lurker, my point was that would you want to touch an item that someone had masturbated on after it was sitting in the trash with God knows what else mixed in it? And who said it was a female? I didn't know and my coworker didn't either. Creepy types of all genders came to that gas station. He/She can do what they want just don't leave out in public for all to see. And I'm only going to touch this subject once. I wouldn't deny that everyone (even myself) has masturbated, and I should have clarified this in the post, throwing a used vibrator away in public on top of the trash can that was practically overflowing with other junk is not something anyone should have to pick up. And like I said I was young, naïve and didn't know the difference so the concept of using a vibrator or what it even was, was new to me.

And thank you mayushii, that is exactly what the "ugh" was for.

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