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Gamer Girl

Oh honey. Sounds like a Norovirus. :( I had one of those in November - I looked at the schedule and saw there was 0% chance of getting my shift covered, even the boss was working. So I went in. After each customer I dashed to the back, threw up (bile and blood at that point, my throat was so raw from 6 hours of vomiting already), came back out and sat still til the next customer needed something. Eventually my boss's shift ended and he came in and saw me looking like hot death on toast and made me go home. It was about 4 days til I felt 100% again. The next day I was sitting at about 30% - I worked but it was the hardest shift of my life. I couldn't eat, I was dehydrated, and I felt like someone had beat me up. If you can get off, please do and rest. I wish dearly I had done that. Get better soon!


It kind of amazes me that anybody would have to work while they have a stomach bug. Those things are usually pretty contagious too so there's always the risk that coworkers and cutomers get sick as well. I work in a hospital and we have a rule that we have to stay away from work two full days with no symptoms just to avoid spreading it to anybody.


Wow, sadly many bosses don't care that you are contagious, they only care that you aren't screwing up their schedule. Most of the places I've worked makw it very clear that unless you are hospitalized, you are expectedtodoyour kob. Cheerfully.


Out here they don't want you anywhere near work until you are not contagious anymore. Too easy to get people sick.

Son of Thrognar

Most of the managers that force you to work when you're at death's door are the same people that will take a week off for a mild case of the sniffles.

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