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I agree :/ get out of Tears. I worked there back in the college days and with the number of stores theyve been closing, and the amount of money theyre losing, its a sinking ship. Their business model just doesn't work any more.


Do you have a punching bag, or access to one?

It works wonders for anger. Venting is great, but beating the ever-loving crap out of something?

Oh, so much better.

Your hands may hurt like hell, but it's definitely a good hurt.


Your hands won't hurt that bad if you learn how to make a fist properly. Take a martial arts or boxing class to learn the right forms. Punching the bag was the only thing that kept me from going insane when I tried to quit caffeine last time.

Joe the Cigar Guy

I never understood the "This happens every time" argument.
If it happens every time, go elsewhere! If, however, you're just a melodramatic twit, STILL go elsewhere!


I used to hear that all the time.
"This always happens to me!"
My God, your life must suck. Or someone has it out for you. Or you are full of complete and total bullshit. Take your pick.

StarChaser Tyger

"This happens every time" I try and steal from you and you catch me!

And it's going to continue happening, dumbass.

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