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Gopd luck!!!

Bored at the Bookstore

Will be thinking positive thoughts for you! If I can make it through my annual teeth-cleaning ordeal (I'm phobic about dentistry) today, YOU can do this!


Bellflower Moonfish

Good luck BB! I can sympathize: I sold three years of my soul to Snears, was given two promotions that were then snatched away to "teach me a lesson" and got bf'd near daily. Now they're about to under and I love it. I hope you get your old job back and are able to be happy.


Oh, look, Jane the troll's back again.

Zellie Crescent

I used to work in a store that seemed like it was hell, one of the managers liked to treat everyone except his favorites like shit and talk to them like they were retarded 3 year olds. He also had a habit of making inappropriate comments towards female employees, he didn't get fired just transferred. I feel sorry for the people who got him but I'm glad he's not our problem anymore, I truly hope things get better for you.

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