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I'm a Kiwi and that's a Kiwi supermarket and cheese brand, but - I'm not getting why the sign is funny/suggestive? Does 'cracker' have a slang meaning elsewhere?


Tanz, cracker is a term used in the US (and possibly other places?) for a white person. So while it's advertising crackers, it's also implying that white people love cheese.


Cause it's not racism when you're talking about white people. :)


It's the white equivalent of the racist n-word.


I'm in Florida where the word originally came from, and it doesn't have near the connotations of the 'n-word'. People proudly call themselves that. It means 'descended from the original Florida / Georgia settlers'. In common use, it means hillbilly or redneck, mainly. The Florida State Fair has a 'cracker country' area showing cabins and traditional crafts.

The white equivalent of the 'n-word' is more honky.

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