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The Singing Library Clerk

Um, diabetics can have sugar.


Depends on the type. It's not that you're not ALLOWED sugar, it's that it's a bad idea in general, especially something that's just empty calories, like a cake. It's pretty much all sugar.

For type 1 / hypo (low) sugar, something with too much sugar makes their blood sugar go WAAAY up, then WAAAY down. This is the kind you're talking about when you say 'diabetic coma'. If it gets too low, there's not enough fuel to keep the meat machine running.

For type 2, hyper (High) sugar, it's more like a cumulative poison. The higher your blood glucose, the more things stop working. Eyes, erections, feet...

StarChaser "Type II" Tyger.


It's not just sugar you have to be careful of, either. Our bodies convert all carbs into sugar (I think), so diabetics have to keep an eye on the total grams of carbs of all types, sugar or otherwise.


This is true, but for at least the type 1, it's mainly sugar that's a problem because of the speed it gets used up at. A bowl of beans with an equal amount of carbs to a bowl of sugar have different effects. Sugar goes WAY UP, then WAY DOWN quickly. The beans, being complex carbs, go slowly up and are used as fuel along the way, and then slowly back down, so they don't affect you as badly. If you've ever heard anyone talk about a sugar crash, it's the same thing.

It's kind of the difference between piling wood on a fire (the wood catches slowly and burns for a long time) and dumping a bucket of lighter fluid on it. (FLOOSH! "Am I missing... an eyebrow?" (/ADAMSAVAGE)

Book Diver

That was really sweet of you! (Pun intended. ;) ) So often those of us with sugar issues have to miss out on goodies, especially at work. (Hypoglycemic.)

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