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Chubby McSteamy

He is correct. When prices go up, people stop buying. When people stop buying, workers lose their jobs. I don't know about anybody else, but I'm not about to pay $5 for a McDonalds cheeseburger just because the high school kids working the grill want to make maximum pay for minimum effort.


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The arguement for raising minimum wage is that people stuck in the same job for some 10 or more years end up having to live on those wages because the job market is scare. The other side is that there is teenagers who simply use that money for luxuries while they go through high school, but high school only lasts 4 years, while college can last much longer. Can't we make it that so when someone works for over 4 years their wage be upped so that they can live off it? True that comes with their own problems, but in the end sitting here doing nothing to fix the poverty problem is only going to cause more people in need of government aid and food stamps simply to survive.

The Singing Library Clerk

We wouldn't have to worry about raising the minimum wage if we just lowered taxes. If taxes were lowered in such a way as to make items cheaper to make here that would increase jobs. If taxes were also lowered so it's cheaper to hire legal citizens at above the current min-wage with full benefits, that would also create more jobs. This would also lower the prices on many goods because the companies wouldn't have to hike the prices in order to make a good profit. And finally people would have more money to spend on various items.

Instead we keep raising taxes which is destroying jobs which means people have less money which means prices have to be higher.


BTW, it's still legal to pay the handicapped below minimum wage/ Goodwill Industries and Walmart fully exploit that part of the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938. There actually is NO MINIMUM WAGE for a disabled person in a workplace with the proper certification.

Back when the disabled, poor, and minorities were already facing discrimination, eugenics operations, and abuse.


The price increase argument is pedantic because you aren't accounting for productivity. One guy on the grill on a slammed lunch rush can make about 500 burger patties. Even with a couple of preppers and the cashiers, if you spread the extra $24 (Proposed wage increase/hour x number of earners working below $10.25/Hr.)out over just 100 burgers, the price increases $0.24 each (And if there is enough business to justify 9 staff {manager}, they are actually making 350+ burgers/hour). Of course, if you dropped profits by .25% at the level of McDonald's, no one would have to be paid less than $12.50/Hr.

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