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Chubby McSteamy

I couldn't begin to tell ya how many times I've been the one in line behind the cheapo who doesn't understand how their cash works. I even tried working at Soul's but didn't last the month. Just trying to explain how the cash works drove me insane. I tell people that it's a coupon, and when you return items, you don't get the coupon back, you get back what you paid for it...and if you bought a $20 item with a $10 coupon, you paid $10 and you're getting $10 back. It's not that hard to understand, but when they use the word "cash", it makes people think it's real money.

Sales Agent Guy

I know exactly what you mean. My store has a similar thing, except when there's a return involving them, we use store credit.

Crusty Slayer

God I've been at it for 3 years now and I STILL have not perfected the perfect way to explain this Kash coupon to people. Hell I even have custys try to apply it towards their accounts! My life in hell would be 10x easier if we just did away with that damn Kash!

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