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Spencer Snyder

"Do people just wake up with the agenda of being petty and hateful?"



Yeah, dude, this one's on you, not the customer.

'"It's more silver tone than silver metal."

Is there a bleeping difference?'

Um...YES? There's a huge fucking difference between pot metal that's silver-colored and actual silver. Depending on the quality of your photos, it might not have been possible to tell until she looked at it in person.

'"It measures a little short."

Bitch, that's why the word "about" was used... some pieces are harder to measure than others.'

Then you should have erred on the side of caution. And what kind of bullshit is this about pieces being hard to measure? Do you not have a flexible measuring tape? Or a piece of fucking string you could lay against the piece's curves, then measure? Dude, if you're selling something, it's your responsibility to give the customer accurate information.

'"I'll have to buy an extender."

So you didn't measure your neck, and that's my fault?'

No, it's your fault that you were apparently too inept to measure a necklace.

Soft Ice Girl

Yup, with Anon here.
While I am sure that you did not intend to anger a custy, the review seems conclusive enough. She lists clear points that she did not like.
The silver colour versus silver thing here: Sometimes I cannot even tell by looking at it directly. Not a jeweller here, sorry.
Same for the "well known fact" that vintage jewellery runs small. Why the fuck should an average customer know that?

It seems that she saw the length you advertized, measured her neck and realized after she bought it, that it didnĀ“t fit because you measured shoddily.
And someone who works with jewellery should know how to measure it.

Of course she should have checked in with you, but not everyone has the balls to do it, and some people may have had bad experiences with returning stuff (like being told it is their fault and they should have measured their necks).

I would suggest you reflect on her criticism and fix your mistakes so that your future reviews will be good.

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