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Bored at the Bookstore

I'll be darned. Wonder if this poster is in the Boston area? Because we had a book found on the shelf here in the bookstore by a customer - a Patrick Robinson (maybe even the same title) which had been censored by a previous reader. Profanities were whited out and different words substituted in pen, as were some racial slurs. Although the censor decided to substitute his/her own offensive racial slur for one enthnicity! I keep thinking I should send the book off to the author with a note saying, "Sorry this happened to your book, Mr. Robinson!"

The Singing Library Clerk

We've had Holocaust deniers insist we remove any books on the Holocaust from the history section and a woman who threw a hissy fit over a book on the history of Rolling Stone Magazine cause one of the women in it allowed herself to be photographed topless holding cans of beer.


Glad to see that Librarians Do It In The Stacks was able to take the 5 seconds needed to do a Google check, despite not getting paid big bucks, or at all, for the posting.

@Bored at the Bookstore, it looks like that patron was an offensive racial slur aficionado.


My old highschool used to have a censored book month, where kids got points and put into a raffle for reading "censored" material like "The Color Purple" and such. They made a big joke out of it.


I'd say I'm shocked, disappointed, and disturbed...

But I've been too cynical to think that way since I was 10.

Sadly, I'm not surprised at all. Just think of how dumb the average person is, and realize THAT'S THE AVERAGE. Half of them are dumber than that, and it most definitely is NOT a bell curve. It's a freaking double black-diamond trail with a 90 degree dropoff.

Book Baby

We had one patron who wanted us to remove an old children's folktale (can't remember the title, dang it!) because--get this!--there was a picture of an old man smoking a pipe in it and we wouldn't want to promote smoking, now would we?

By FAR, the silliest patrons we have are the right wing nuts who are homeschooling (not other homeschoolers, just these weirdos)who want more of the pseudo-scientific book with cave men and dinosaurs peacefully coexisting. Are people REALLY that stupid?

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