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THIS. ALL OF IT. This is my BIGGEST pet peeve with people who try shit on. Even worse are the people who will hunt me down, huff and puff until I ask them something even if I'm with another customer, and hand me back clothes not only inside out but unfolded (if wrap clothing), inside out, and with no hanger. And then they leave every other thing they had tried on. Please try it on so we don't have to do a return later but for the love of everything holy. Put it back correctly if you're trying it on...

Trucker Bitch

I swear my dad would skin me alive if I EVER did anything like that while trying on clothes. I often will re-hang clothing exactly how I took it into the fitting rooms. Everything from jeans to bras to skirts.


It's funny because I've read retail workers stories that complain about people hanging things improperly and they have to redo it, and wish they wouldn't. Then you have people that complain that they're not rehung! Don't get me wrong, I always try to hang/fold my stuff when I leave the change room, but I feel like it's a gamble!

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