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The Singing Library Clerk

Oh God, Terrah, my first GYN was a real piece of work too! Only mine was male. Mom decided I needed to start seeing one so she took me to her's at the time. I was 18 and when I said I was a virgin he rolled his eyes. Later went he did the pap he jammed it in there and grew pale when he tore my hymen.

Then he declared as I was "abnormally small" and claimed I had vaginitis from "too many bubble baths."

After a couple more extremely painful exams I decided to never go back to him.

Copy Clone

What is it with these doctors? The first one I went to was an older lady. When I went in there all she did was comment on my weight the entire time. She tried to hand me off to a couple of other doctors to 'help me with my condition' She didn't even go through with the entire exam, claiming I would have to go to the local hospital for a ultra sound because I was to big for her to examine. The doctor at the hospital looked kind of confused when I got there. She asked me if I had Dr. X. I said yes, then she nodded and said that it made sense then. Luckily the older doc retired the year after. Was so glad I wouldn't have to worry about seeing her again.

The Singing Library Clerk

Oh CC, you had one of those too? Ug! (Yeah, another one I can relate to.) I had a female one years later who declared me "too dense" to feel my ovaries so she sent me for the transvaginal ultrasound. But during my exam with her she was extremely fast and rough. Later I read a bunch of reviews on her and wonder how she stays in practice as there was a LOT of complaints about her ripping women in such a way during the exams that they can't even have kids now.

I forgot to mention with my first one - he never considered I might actually be allergic to latex and that was the real reason I was crying in pain and showing signs of vaginitis when I was fine up until he started the exam.


I always have an awful time with pelvic exams. They hurt, are embarrassing, and I usually bleed. I didn't even go for one for over 15 years until I had symptoms.

Since I had cervical cancer in 2012 I now see a gynecologic oncologist for my pelvic exams and he is really good at it. He gets through it very quickly with as little discomfort as possible. I think maybe having a lot of experience with sensitive post op patients probably taught him to be gentle and careful. The last time I went he didn't even make me bleed.

One time I had a pelvic exam from a radiation oncologist. Are they even qualified to do those? I guess they are if he did one but I imagine that he had little experience as he saw patients with all kinds of cancer. After him I refused to get pelvic exams there even after he left and was replaced. He took way too long, made me bleed a lot, and it burned when I went to the bathroom the rest of the day.


Oh my lord now I'm scared to ever go to a Gyn appointment.
Thank goodness I haven't really had any reason to yet in my life but oh god I really am scared o.o

The Singing Library Clerk

Rona, if you're sexually active you really should. Having sex increases your risks for cervical cancer.

Of course being celibate increases your risks for uterine cancer.

The nice thing is after so many normal PAPs in a row, you can actually skip a year or two between exams.


Thankfully, I've only ever had one bad gynecologist.

Unfortunately, he told me the pain and abnormal bleeding was all in my head, gave me the nasty stare of disbelief when I told him I'm not sexually active, and after being told in great and gory detail why I cannot take birth control pills (long story short, the one time I did, I very nearly bled to death), proceeded to call in a prescription for them to the pharmacy WITHOUT TELLING ME. I only found out the next time I had to see a doctor in that practice - the nurse was checking my med list and named something unfamiliar, I asked her what it was and she told me it was The Pill. She was highly offended and frightened on my behalf when I told her it was called in and placed on my med list without my consent.

I now have a very wonderful lady gynecologist. She's Indian and she cracks me up.


I don't freaking get why a doctor would think a grown adult would lie about if they were a virgin or not. It would just undermined the reason for going to the doctors in the first place. That said when I was 18 my mother dragged my virgin ass in for a pap and the women didn't believe me hurt like a bitch because she used the largest clamp and no lubb, and was just freaking ruff. So I declared I would rather get cervical cancer. That said I did find a wonderful doctor years after that always gave a pain free pap, but that might have been because I said I would kick him in the face (he was down there anyway ) if it wasn't.


It's kind of amazing how many GYNs and other medical practitioners refuse to believe that it's possible for a woman to be a virgin after hitting puberty. I'm 23 and still a virgin, and have had shouting matches with university nurses who insist that I have to have had sex because 'you're more than old enough'.


For starters, the GYN was appalling. No one should be that rough with a patient. If part of the exam is likely to cause discomfort, the doc should 1) do everything possible to minimize the discomfort and 2) warn the patient. And since when does yelling make someone relax?
However, it isn't rare to see women who SWEAR they are virgins even while they are delivering the baby, or to see 13 year olds who are pregnant by their boyfriends. It makes a doc cynical.
Overall, good for you for farting at her. Needed to be done.

Senior Retail Lady

Holy crap! While I HAVE had doctors that were jerks, I have never had one that caused bleeding. And I am 50 and have been getting GYN exams since I was 18.


So, this is not what I should be reading right now. I've scheduled my first ever appointment with a gynecologist. And only because my mother pointed out that at 25 I really should have gone to one earlier.

I hope she believes me when I tell her I'm a virgin. Some people just aren't interested in sex. >_>

Sachimi Sushi

I have really abnormal periods too, but for the last year I've been on Depo Provera - so now I don't have any. Because of the length and heaviness of my periods before, I had to have several pelvic exams over the years. They've been uncomfortable because I'm freaking tiny, but not painful ( except once, a brushed sample of my uterus which apparently bleeds easily ). I was a virgin until almost 22, and they never questioned it. They even stopped before doing a vaginal ultrasound because of it, which would have been extremely painful.

Not all of them are idiots, I hope you find one who isn't. Just keep in mind that it should not hurt or cause bleeding, if it does then there's a problem. It could very well be uncomfortable though, and they should ALWAYS use lubricant for any object being put in you. It may be painful for some ladies like myself who have medical issues, but it shouldn't have you writhing in pain. If it is excessively painful, speak up. If they don't do something about it, demand another person do the examination instead.

@ Z, I agree. 25 is well past the time you should have gotten an exam. Keep in mind that it may be a little more painful because you are a virgin, and it is entirely possible that the exam may accidentally rip the hymen. The speculum ( the tool used to open up the vagina to look inside ) should be lubed and you may have to ask them to use the smallest one. It's more important to make sure that you're healthy than to be scared of a little possible discomfort.


Heheh. 'Gas' Slave.

I'll shut up now.


i don't even really have periods unless i'm on birth control, made high school awkward because i never knew when it was going to show up, I once had a doctor "pinch" my "lips" when they did the exam, then they tried to tell me my pap was abnormal and get me to come back, I got pregnant shortly after and not even 4 months later had a normal pap at my 8 week check up, so clearly I didn't need to go back, and after being pinched I never went back to that doctor!

Nice Kat

I'm going to switch my gyn. The first time I went in, he was okay - note that that was literally the first time I went to any gynecologist and had no idea what to expect, as my mother is a horrible horrible woman and wouldn't tell me anything about it. I was put on the pill then, and the first try made me very sick - which is on all my charts. The second pill was great.
Second time I went to him he switched my prescription without consent or information to the exact pill that made me sick the first time. That took a few phone calls to the office to beg a nurse to change the damn prescription back to what it is supposed to be. Oi.


I'm so glad my insurance company has a website with ratings for the doctors from patients. My gynecologist is awesome.


Remember, if a doctor gives you crap, pull the custy card: YOU are paying THEM for their services, so they work for YOU. There's no favors involved.

tiny twat

if you are having issues try having them mark on your chart in big red letters- Use the small/teen speculum. I have said flat out- look I have not had kids, I belly dance and I have a small hole so use a small tool and lots of lube. .. I also wear slipper socks to keep my feet warm and bring a small lap blanket to keep warm. Sometimes I wear a sweater that opens down the front over the paper things.

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