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Miss Red

ASK- What is he/she accused of stealing? What is the value? Why now, a year later? Ask to see their proof. Get copies of said proof. Talk to a police office, lawyer, or judge about statute of limitations on said theft. Get a lawyer (or at least threaten to get a lawyer) if they do not provide said proof. Talk to higher ups (now and when/if said proof is obtained). Get details, details, details. Anything and everything.

If your friend is innocent, doing what you have planned plus what I added should make them crumble like sand castles by the tide. Don't back down; companies pulling shady stuff are like wild animals, show fear and they attack. Don't back down and they will back down, especially using the "L" word.


A year later? What took them so damned long to get around to confronting her? I guarantee they don't have any evidence after this long and are hoping to scare her off.


I lost my job a week ago. After 7 years with Hellgreens, and no problems whatsoever, a few months ago LP showed up and accused me of stealing. I denied it all, and they backed off, proving to me at least that they had nothing. Three months later, My store manager calls me in and tell me I was fired. For sitting down to rub my knee (which I had injured on the job 6 months ago) and for not getting a talkative customer to shut up. They said it counted as stealing time, and fired me.


Tons of folks with similar issues right here: http://www.expertlaw.com/forums/

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