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Imitation Bacon

This reminds me of when the gold dollar coins came out. I was paying for a purchase of 11.82 or so with 8-gold coins and the rest in cash. Cashier at All-Fart looked at me and said very snobbily "Um, the total is 11.82!!!!!" I told her I'd given her 12 dollars. She looked at the coins and I said "Oh, those are the new dollar coins, all together that's 12. She still looked unsure and paged a manager. She told the Manager "Um, she's trying to pay this THEEESSEEE!" The manager had to assure her they were real money and to take them, but the whole time she kept looking at me like I was trying to pull a scam.


I was serving a customer near the store entrance once, when another customer came in and they proceeded to have a long conversation, moving away from the register and ignoring me. I ended up saving the sale and processed 5 or so transactions during the 10 minutes that they talked. I'm fairly sure the talking customer didn't mind, either...lucky.

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