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bitches n hoes be bitches n hoes-no matter what race they are...

so sorry for you and even more sorry for sane manager.

Sales Agent Guy

Fucking corporate assholes. She sticks up for you, she gets fired, and now you're being punished. All because those jackasses are sympathizing for the evil crusties.

Son of Thrognar

I would have told them to take their classes and shove them straight up their ass.


Taking the side of someone that didn't spend a dime in the store. Yeah that's corporate for you.

Bad Kitty Bad

I remember a black woman calling a black worker racist because he went to help a white woman first... because well, the woman got to the counter first. Wish people could drop the racist excuse... at least when it comes such retail matters.


your store fucking bucking blows and you need to find somewhere else this is just awful post to social media sites to gain attention that is just awful. You do more work than I do and I work in the fast casual food restaurant (slightly better than the fast food joints) and I don't get nearly this shit. You are worth more than this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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