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Daniel Danielson

My son works in a clothing store for Cholos. Yesterday someone urinated all over some pants hanging on a rack. The pants will have to be thrown away. Luckily, this idiot paid with a credit card. The police have been called and his picture is now hanging in the window of the store with a very small black mark to cover his privacy.

Timmie Hoe

I've had to deal with poo multiple times at work, and it's pathetic that it is mainly done by older people and not little kids. I've also had to deal with my bosses wanting me to clock in early if I arrive early or if the person who is to be in the hour before me calls in. And I can't even tell them "no I'm scheduled for X not Y" because they get mad at me because "well you're here you may as well clock in!" I always arrive a bit early so I can have some coffee and prepare myself for the shift ahead of me, making me clock in without that mental preparedness just frustrates me.

About the poo though, I barf just at the smell so I've never been forced to clean it :P It's just so disgusting that people think it is so funny to smear their own poop like monkeys in our bathrooms.

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