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I do have a "Let me tell you about my religion" story. It's not the usual one you guys get but I think it will fit. I nanny for a nice family with three kids. One day I was getting lunch ready for the kiddos. Jehovah's Wittnesses rang the doorbell. I opened the door and they tried to do their spiel. I told them I was busy cooking but that didn't deter them. Thank goodness for the baby of the family. Being hungry and impatient she started to cry. They scampered after she did that.


Yesterday a child whose family had him climbing our shelves to get pasta dropped a bunch on my head while I was facing the lower shelves. Grandma just says, "That's a dangerous place down there isn't it?" And WALKS AWAY. Being in retail can feel so hopeless and powerless at times.


"How do you tell if somebody is dead?"
Nuff said.

Chubby McSteamy

"I'm having my period, can I still try on underwear?"

Joe the Cigar Guy

"I have a 15% OFF coupon, but I left it home."

Son of Thrognar (formerly NC Tony)

"Do you think this is appropriate for my friend/relative/significant other that you've never met and have no idea what they like?"

I've had people ask me that about clothes, bedding, towels, rugs, bathmats, shoes and cologne.


No libe myself but a story about the "my religion is better". Lady came into my crystal store and we seemed to hit it off. She bought somethingand left only to come back just a little bit later. "I noticed your necklace (I'm Pagan so have a pentagram necklace I wear at all times) and you seem like such a sweet girl, I don't want you to go to hell. Have you heard about Jesus?" She scared off multiple customers, wouldn't let me move, and my manger refused to help me out. Son people...

StarChaser Tyger

Tech support version: "My friend who knows computers told me..." (some generally impossible both in software and physics, like '...you can fax me a new modem')

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