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No, you were right. Your mother needed to be told off and you did so, succinctly.

Sales Agent Guy

You were right to tell her, Terah!


Well you're not going to get any grief from me either. I'm all for giving people hell when they're being unreasonable, and if that person happens to be your parent, oh well.


Good on you! If your mom openly deserved it which it sounded like she did you should tell her off. I would do the same thing to my mom if she pulled that shit on someone just doing their job. We all have a breaking point and it isn't the repair guys fault that your mom wasn't answering her phone. That is no excuse for her to flip on him because 'she has had a bad day'. I completely support you for what you did.


I doubt you're going to find anyone upset that you called out your mom on this site Terah. She was being a bitch! It is never okay to stand by while someone takes a bad day out on someone else. My dad acts like that too and calling him out makes an employees day, as I've been told by many a person he has yelled at with me there... xD

Son of Thrognar

Considering that most crustys are probably of that same mindset (I've had a bad day, so I'll take it out on other people) and we can't say shit to them. Telling someone off, even if it's your parent, feels good. Especially when they deserve it.


Forget feeling bad, you get a balls from me for it, for the simple reason that you not only did it, you did it right. There was no pussyfooting around it, you called her on her shit. Huzzah!

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