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How is this ok to post? "White Girl with 3+ multiracial kids"? By including it here, the purpose of which is to ridicule and denigrate classless people, the post is saying some really horrible things about race. What, the white chick deserves to be made fun of because she has had interracial relations and, god forbid, some children were born of that union? Because the assumption is she is low-class based on that. Wow, way to be racist. F**k you, whoever made this, and f**k you, whoever posted this here.


I'm pretty sure the implication is not that multiracial is bad, but that they all have different fathers.

Which is kinda frowned upon in our society.

Cuz', you know, fidelity and all that?

Kitsap Charles

Well, @anon, *you* may be implying that multiracial equals different fathers, but (1) you don't know that for sure, and (2) it's none of your d@mn business.

It's equally likely that her husband of many years is on his umpteenth deployment, and shopping at HellMart is the only place she can afford on a military dependent's pay.

FOADIAF, @anon.


For what it's worth I also read "3 multi-racial" to mean 3 different races, which does indeed imply 3 different fathers. Either way, telling someone here to FOADIAF is so far out of line you can no longer see the line.

Chubby McSteamy

Wow, people get so offensive over nothing. Why is it the ho with multiple baby daddies gets people upset, but not beer and diapers or over 300 pounds, or vomit on the shirt? Those are much worse problems than a ho spreading it for every dick she meets.


Aaaaaand comments locked in 10...9...8....


i guess a better way to say it would be "girl with very different looking kids" ? (but yeah it might have been better to leave that square off.)

my husband knew a girl in highschool who has 4 kids from 4 different dads (all white, one was her first cousin) but you can tell the kids have very different features.

and yes i met her face to face for the first time in Walmart.

The Libertine

You left out Willie the Pimp on this card.

And I'm glad someone had the balls not to just make this about shaming poor whites...because that kind if bigotry is okay, isn't it?


@Oh well THAT makes it OK! Guess what else is frowned on in our society? Working in retail over age 17, so I guess it's okay for parents to use most of the people here as examples of failures to discipline their kids?
Or is it just slut shaming and racism you're alright with?


Oh man I forgot about Willie the Pimp. Does he come standard in every Walmart?

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