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When I go shopping with my Grandma we use a backpack to hold items. The woman has the smallest friggin lap and can't hold a basket. But we make sure we don't zip, and very obviously make sure we empty it at thr register.We've never been stopped.

TaTa Ria

Honestly, when I'm shopping, I'm so desperate to get the heck out of there, I'm not looking at anyone else. (Except for every single jack hole standing slack jawed in front of the one thing I want. You get the death stare.)

But my brother claims to have had a hobby when he lived here. While in a Bullseye, he would obviously shoplift something (in view of cctv), the challenge then being to put the item back, without being caught. And then being stopped on the way out with nothing on him.

Yep, my brother is a massive dick. Worry not, he's not in the US anymore. Thank the gods for that.


Having been accused of shoplifting a few time before(and being kicked out of place after mistaken for another shoplifter), I usually try to make clear that I am NOT trying to shoplift.

Miss Red

I always use shopping carts or baskets or just hold it in plain view in my hands. Never in bags, purses, or pockets for 2 reasons. A) I may forget to pay for the items if I don't have them in hand, and make myself an accidental shoplifter, and B) I don't want anyone thinking I am shoplifting. I have social anxiety, and it would make me nervous to have someone follow or confront me if they thought I was shoplifting.

StarChaser Tyger

Long, long ago, I was in a store buying something. I'd intended to get one or two things, but got distracted and stopped to look at something else. My hands were full, so I stuck one of the other items in my pocket. (To tell you how long ago this was... it was an Intellivision game in its box... bright shiny silver and 3/4ths out of the pocket.)

I looked at the thing I was looking at, and went to put it back and happened to notice someone walking past the end of the aisle stop, then back up, then peek around the corner. I wandered along to another aisle, now with the (bright shiny silver, remember) box in my hand. He followed me. So I started playing with him, dodging around down other rows and such until finally I lost him, went up to the counter and paid for (all) my stuff. He grabbed me as I went to the door and demanded that I return the game..."This game? That I just paid for not four feet from here? With this receipt to show that I did?"
(deflating balloon noise)


I'd tell an employee if I saw someone shoplifting.

I never put anything I haven't bought into something I brought from outside of the store. Stores have baskets and carts for a reason. Also - being from a city with a bag ban where everyone uses those stupid recyclable bags, I know that A LOT of shoplifters use totes, bags, and purses to get stolen merchandise out of the store.

That this women immediately demured and practically ran out of the store tells me she wasn't just "holding" it. If it was perfectly innocent, she'd be screaming for a manager to get this crazy stalker guy away from her.

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