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One time working at the drycleaner's, I had just come from the food court with my lunch and got back to the store to eat in the back. There were 2 people at the counter, 1 being served and 1 waiting to drop off her clothes, and since I am a nice person and taking in clothes takes at most 2 minutes, I decided to wait to eat my delicious food and help her so she didn't have to wait for the previous customer to finish. So there I am, taking MY PERSONAL TIME out of MY LUNCH BREAK to help this woman out of the kindness of my heart, and when I go to take the clothes from her she repays my kindness by THROWING HER DIRTY LAUNDRY IN MY FACE AND STORMING OFF.

That was the last time I have EVER helped a customer on my lunch break. When I am off the clock, I AM OFF THE CLOCK, I do not get paid to help you, you can wait your fucking turn and if that's not good enough for you then you are more than welcome to fuck right off and find someone who is willing to deal with your bullshit for free. Good luck with that, Cunty McFuckface. I hope someone laces your tampons with fucking habanero sauce.

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