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Sales Agent Guy

I really hope she got her job back, and the cunt was terminated.

Imitation Bacon

Yep, that is Disney for you, because there are hundreds of people waiting to take that job! I'm sure they knew that would get her fired. And how could they take the word of the mother, even though an employee, who wasn't even there??? And if there was no police report, where is the proof?

Devil's Advocate

She might have some saving grace if her union rep is good enough and perhaps if she can prove she had to act in self-defense. Disney has cameras everywhere, I'd be surprised if this wasn't recorded. Additionally, she is a Disney employee on Disney property, just because she was not working doesn't really mean anything. You said that your friend "being badass" "slaps stalker bitch before leaving". That slap, while I'm sure felt wonderful, might be what keeps her from her job. Defense is one thing, but that sounds like she went on the offensive in order to get one last slap in.

Your friend should no better then to enter in a fight at her place of employment. She should have walked away and if she was unable to do so, she should have immediately filed a police report and a report with security. Where was the boyfriend in all of this?

Devil's Advocate



Yeah that slap might do her in. Depends on if she was attacked and that was the last hit she got in or not. I'd like the know more about it, so please do keep us posted on the progress of your friend's union fight with Disney.

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