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I think it's hilarious when people think yelling at/insulting the person who is trying to help them will get them what they want. Maybe they intimidate some people, but for me, it's just gonna make my smile that much bigger when they leave without the thing they want.

The Cyclone

Time to stop lurking and start commenting.

That woman needs a lesson in manners and courtesy. We slaves get even more resistant the more we're yelled at and we will follow company policy to the letter to make sure you don't get what you want. If you smile, act polite and speak calmly and you catch us in a good mood we *may* just ask the manager to make an exception for you, since we can't do it ourselves without getting written up.


Welcome in lurker.

And yes, point made. Being at least somewhat pleasant goes a long way when you are dealing with people who get treated like shit all day long. ESPECIALLY when you want/need something. Like the old saying goes, being polite has never gotten anyone killed. Being impolite....well, that gets people killed all the time.

Son of Thrognar

People don't realize that yelling/cursing at us will make us LESS willing to help them. In fact that attitude will make us go out of our way to not help them at all.

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