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Tell your manager, write down what was said and when when he calls, and if you can have someone walk you to your car if you don't feel safe. Granted, this is preparing for a worst case scenario, but it's better than being unprepared.

Gamer Girl

I would let the manager know, definitely. I assume you don't have caller ID on your phone, so you're at the mercy of having to answer every call that comes in. Letting a manager know someone has been calling can keep you safe in that if the person persists, you can make sure you have an escort to your car at night or have a coworker answer the phone (or have a male coworker in another department field the calls for a few nights - legitimate issues could be handed off to you, the prank caller doesn't).

Senior Retail Lady

You need to tell your manager AND you need to document. Write down the date that the person called and as much about what he said as you can remember. Is there a way to record the call? Check your phone, and if possible, record the call.


You you need to tell your manager about your concerns immediately. Also, it's time to stop being polite. The next time they call tell them that you have reported their weird calls to management, and that this line is for store business only, and to not call again unless they wanted to discuss phone etiquette with your manager,then hang up.


Also, if your manager dosen't get on top of things or gives you the runaround, go over his head and/or to HR. If you think its getting realy badn or you become concerned for your safety, call the cops. Criminal Harassment is the name of the offense in Canada. Nothing lighs a fire under the ass of a complacent manager like the words "accessory after the fact".


Definitely tell your manager. Even if you don't have caller id on your phone, the store might be able to check phone records, and since you said it was rare for you to get a phone call on that number, it might be relatively easy to track down the number. In any case, it's always good to have these things documented.


All great advice. One other thing you might consider is if he calls again record the call if you can. If you have a smartphone, most have some sort of record/playback software already on them. If not they can be easily downloaded. To my knowledge canadian law requires one party consent under normal circumstances but makes acceptions if it is a criminal activity. See your provincial laws for more details. At the very least if your stalker tries to get you in trouble you will have proof that your the one being harrassed. And as it has been said, report and document. Time of the call, ask for a name, all that good stuff. If there is a coworker Ive been placed in trouble myself for the fact that they got to the person in charge first before I had a chance to report what was going on. Sad but true.


Tell your manager, document everything and have security/assets protection/ a manager walk you out every shift. If you're really freaked out have them escort you in as well.
If they won't call the local police station's non-emergancy line and request an escort. But if your management isn't stupid they'll have someone walk you out.

Also - since this person knows when you're working and where don't talk about personal things at work, like don't mention it if you're going home to an empty house or if after work you're running to the gas station. I know it sounds paranoid, but better safe than sorry.


Please just take it seriously. As a person who has been robbed, stalked, and fired by obsessive idiots, I know how serious it can be.

Tell the manager. Get an escort to your car. Do not drive to your home if you think someone is following you.

And if they call back, make it clear. "Stop contacting me. I will call the police if you do so again. That is all." Then hang up. It took that, and nearly a restraining order to get one of mine to go.

I hope we are all over reacting... But I want you to be safe...

Sales Agent Guy

Definitely document, document, document. And if your manager won't help, go to the next level. Hell, I would involve the police at this point, since this is going into the world of harassment!


Tell your manager and document everything you can! As someone that has dealt with a similar situation, that is the best advice I can give. If you have people that work near you, give them a heads up on the situation if you are comfortable telling them. They can help keep an eye on you and maybe even take over if they call again, sometimes that alone can be a deterrent to an amorous creep... Good luck!


I would call the police if your manager refuses to get involved. The person could follow you home (it happened to me) and find out where your residence is. As the other commentators said...Document everything: time/place/what person's voice sounds like/ get a way to record this person even it means turning up the volume of the phone and recording it on your own cell phone. I hope you stop this person in their tracks.

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