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Fast food, minimum wage jobs aren't meant to be supporting a family. They are meant for high school students. They are meant to be the pathway to get better jobs through a gain in experience.

Hate on me all you want.


Employers don't seem to want to hire people who don't have experience in that field. But how can people get experience if nobody is willing to give them a chance? Fast food may not have meant to be a long term gig, but with so many jobs gone some people have no choice.

I don't think $15 should be pay for fast food, but $9-10 isn't unreasonable for a multi-billion dollar company.

Anon Ymous

@ Immajustsaydis

Yes, that's what they're meant to be, but it's not what they actually are.


I think $15 is unreasonable for some parts of the country, but sensible for others. I think instead of a flat rate minimum wage we should require counties to determine minimum wage based on the cost of living-- so cheap housing, affordable healthy food, affordable daycare etc would lower the minimum wage. This means in a place like NYC, the minimum wage should be close to $25 but in South Dakota $9/hr will likely cut it.


Personally, I'd be happy to pay another quarter for a burger if it meant the workers were paid a reasonable wage. $8 would have been great when I was in high school, but that was in 1972.

That having been said, I wonder about his having a cable bill. I've been on paycheck-to-paycheck before, and cable is not as important as, say, food. Even if you manage to find one of the introductory specials, that's still a couple of bags of groceries per month for a cable bill. Seems to me that, at least, is a misplaced priority.


The day they try and make it 15 dollars an hour is when we see less employees and more machines making our food. I'm sorry it's not a job where you can expect to make that kind of money.


cable might just mean 'internet', since you can really only get that from cable providers. cable tv programming is a bit of a luxury, but even applying for jobs is real damned difficult without access to internet.

some kids these days even have to submit homework assignments online, and most big name employers have online-only application processes.


I understand more money for the work that people do. I think there should be a minimum in certain areas that class up with the housing (example some places have cheaper or more expensive rent). I do think 15$ an hour for fast food though is a bit pushing it. My boyfriend has been at his job for 3 years, and works with lumber. He sells very expensive siding, decks, roofing, and has to give people quotes that have to be spot on. So a lot of training and experience has to go in. He has threatened to quit recently if his wage was not bumped, so NOW they say they are going to give him 15$ an hour. I'm not trying to be a dick, but flipping burgers and assembling fast food is easier than figuring out how many boards and square footage and the price and basically designing someones house, room or deck for them is. I don't think they should get paid as much as extremely trained people or people who just plain out have to know more.

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