Retail Hell Underground: Hellbeast keeps employees late, gets attitude

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WHOA Thrognar! Hellbeast is a crazy psycho with an appropriate name! When will management see it doesn't bring sales to cater lunatics like that. Hang in there!

Fellow Slave

Holy *bleep*
600 in expired Soul's cash....

My bosses had enough of a stroke with the one lady that had $110 in expired Soul's cash.

She's the reason we have that spidey sense that they set foot in our store and the skin begins to crawl, the nausea hits, and the desire to stab ourselves in the eye with a pen hits, before they even enter our counter area.

Oh god, *virtual hug*.

Sales Agent Guy

Seriously, if she's doing this all the time on purpose, she should have been banned already!


Isn't the cash invalidated if you return the stuff you bought to get it?

I'm surprised they let her return anything, I thought excessive returns were banned. Why do they bother taking your ID if they aren't tracking that stuff?

Fellow Slave

Andi, only if she does returns without a receipt.
She might be using a receipt/charge lookup and just being awful that way.

Fellow Slave

*scolds self for unclear posting*

Andi, ID is only required for non-receipted returns.

Goodness knows about the cash invalidation thing. Maybe she collects from others that she knows. Maybe she raids the trash hoping others don't use it. Maybe she just shops THAT DAMN MUCH.

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