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The brand on that item is Pilot, which is also the name of a truck stop chain. With the other items I can see, it's very possible this picture was taken at a Pilot truck stop. Everyone should take a minute and recognize that everything you own was at one point transported via semi truck, either from a completed product to a store or raw materials to a manufacturer. Many truckers practically live in their rigs and have to shower at truck stops. So if a trucker wants to have a container to hold his fries, then let him have it!

Trucker Bitch

As a truck driver, I can confirm what Shadow posted. I do live in my truck while out on the road for weeks at a time. Some drivers even customize their rigs to the point of it being a house on wheels.

Now that's not the case with me and if I were to buy one of these, I would more likely use it as a pen holder then for fries. Just because a product is advertised as a fry holder doesn't mean you have to use it as such.


(growls) I really hate that idiot spelling of America. Every post I come across on cheezburger with it gets downvoted, whether or not it's actually funny.

Even entirely aside from truckers who have to live in their trucks, why the hell is it a bad thing to want to be able to eat a little on the way home when you're going to be an hour in the car? It takes me an hour to get the 20 miles to get home because I have to drive both ways through rush hour and through a notoriously bad intersection of two interstates and three on ramps that's been known for decades as Malfunction Junction.

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