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Ok, yes he was rude. The Next, while dealing with an unhappy guest is NOT the best way to disarm them, even when they are obviously a bitch.

Although, what she expected him to do, when her mail was not physically at the post office, is a bit of a mystery.


Oh god, I feel this so much. I mean, yes, I agree that the 'NEXT' was not a good move, but I've had people like her. (I work at the post office in my town) and we get people all the time trying to pick something up that's not been returned from the rounds yet.
What do they expect us to do? Magic it over here? No, come back later, plus, the slip SAYS 'pick up next day' on it.

I LOVED that the other people in line defended the employee.


i loved the "next" myself. it showed the confidence of an employee who knew he was in the right, knew he was respected and valued, and that his superior would back him up. of course it's not the thing to do if you want to have a prayer of getting out of such situations without a complaint...but it is the RIGHT thing to do. patience should never be shown to unreasonable bullies. in a perfect world, we should be able to do just this and have our employers back us up. let's hope that one day all our superiors are as cool as his.

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