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Tedious, but better than dealing with customers!


Hmm, idiot boss. And to some extent, idiot employee, maybe just didn't want to confront the boss.

Not sure of exact pricing, but when I was dealing with a restaurant, salt and pepper packets cost us about $10 per 3,000 0.1 gram packages, so $10 per 300 grams, and it's crappy pepper. A pound of higher grade organic pepper usually runs about $15.

Now, figure that even as fast as possible, an employee might get through 10 cuts a minute, which works out to 5 hours to de-packet the pepper. So, based on a wage of $8/hr, they're going to spend $40 to have an employee do the cutting and they lost whatever work said employee usually does during those 5 hours. Or they could have spent $15, kept the packets, and still wound up saving money over the way it was done. Lessee, should've spent $15, instead spent $50. Even keeping the packets and buying the right thing, they would have saved $25 over doing it the other way.

Penny wise, Pound foolish.

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