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So gross in so many ways...

Senior Retail Lady

And people wonder why I don't eat meat.

Sales Agent Guy

More like bullshit if you ask me!


Well. I mean. I can see it working. We probably ALL consume minuscule amounts of feces from various things. Flushing the toilet after taking a dump. Those poo particles fly everywhere. So putting the lid down is a good idea. And. They've found feces on the handles of shopping carts. So if you aren't the type to wipe down the handle with the sanitizing wipe many stores provide, chances are those trace amounts of feces found them into your mouth. That "vein" that you pull from shrimp while "deveining" is actually the intestine and the black stuff is really just poo.
It does still sound gross, I will admit. But it's not as if they're dumping the poo in there entirely, just a bacteria isolated from the poo (which I imagine is pretty much liquid since formula is pretty much all a baby consumes up until 6 months, I don't believe many parents introduce solids before then, except maybe rice cereal) and then it develops in a petri dish.


Maybe this would be easier to stomache if the headline wasn't purposefully misleading. "Sausages made from baby poo?" No. Sausages implanted with strains of probiotics whose original cultures were isolated from infant feces and several generations removed from the source. Of course, nobody's gonna read an article with a title like that. Need something outrageous to catch their attention and stick with them even after getting the real explanation.


OK, my two cents? We are not eating sausages to be "healthy". No need to make a fatty meat product into a health food. We are aware of the ( not so literal) crap we are consuming. Why change things for the sake of change?

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